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My compay is an one of the early business enterprise in equipments in decontamination in lubricant development in professions. The business enterprise preursor is a last worry to estabishing in the 1996 ocean insturment equioments factory.establishing worry city in 2002 with the metals machine manufacturing limited company. is a share system business enterprise,ourcompany owns the product development team stong technique power.respect-work after-work serice of the tigh charactetr the personnel.strict quantity owns the product devdlopment system.goodmanufacturing equipments.all regarding insuring the perfect product as the standard.Hand over with University of
Zhejiang.shanghai successively biy,reply big reply the university of the establish the technoligy cooperation unit.Marking use of thetechnology advantage of the university.solution business enterprise actual problem.ofthen the expert for the business enterprisetechnolohy .
Lnoperating with the managent connect with nations the gradually the company passes the ISO9001 formally:2000 quintity system attesation were becn a Chinese well-known oil machine the good product cards by the national brand committee.Tustworthiness member drive the national prosperity ofinside can power company the power supply of zhejiang Chinese petroleum chenmical cngineering incorporated company chinese letoleum natural gas incorporatated company German the son of petrocheemical company in the man of can the natural gas feneratee ;ectrocoty company as the excellent supplier.
Here the roundation is last the company connects again again the creates the Chinese oil machine the first brand and have in discarding oil redbirth handling new creative new creative with breal.Make the biggest contribution for the society!